Wonder of… Olive Oil

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“The queen gave her a golden flask of suppling olive oil for her and her maids to smooth on after bathing”
Homer, The Odyssey

Living Pure Natural Olive Oil

Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom, was believed by the ancient Greeks to be the creator of the olive tree. After the completion of a new city, Athena and Poseidon, who was the God of the Sea and Earthquakes and Horses, competed to become the city’s protector. Each presented their version of ‘the greatest gift’; Poseidon used his power to create a salt water spring while Athena bestowed upon the people of the city the first olive tree. The city was named Athens in her honour and it is said that every olive tree in the city is descended from the original gift, created by Athena’s own hand.

To the ancient Greeks, olive oil possessed divine powers and so small bottles would be given as gifts as a symbol of their civilisation. Olive oil is said to have powerful rejuvenating and healing properties. Olive oil is abundant in natural vitamins and antioxidants that provide its velvety, moisturising properties.

For centuries olive oil has been used to treat ailments of the skin and Hippocrates himself called it the ‘great healer’. Like the civilisations of old, here at Living Pure Natural we appreciate the unique properties olive oil possesses. Why not worship your skin with the power of olive oil in our Timeless Deep Hydration Night Cream and Eternal Oil Collection for face.