In What Order Should You Apply Your Skin Care Products?

How To Apply Your Skin Care Products

Wash your face – morning or night this is the first step in every home skin care routine. If you wear make up be sure to do a double cleanse in the evening.
Use Toner – If you use a toner, this is the time to use your toner.

Apply a serum or anti-acne product – Perhaps you use an anti-acne product or a Vitamin C serum. Now is the time to apply those products directly on your skin.

Take A Break – give your products time to absorb. Drink your coffee, style your hair. Just wait a few minutes before continuing with your skin care routine. This guarantees that your skin care product has been properly absorbed into your skin and that the product you apply next will go on smoothly.

Time to Moisturize – now that your serum has been properly absorbed by your skin apply moisturizer. Applying your moisturizer after your serum means that you’ll get the most out of your serum since moisturizer helps to seal the serum on your skin. Also if you apply your serum over your moisturizer it simply will not work. You can also apply your eye cream at this time too.

Apply Sunscreen – sunscreen always goes on last. Then you can apply your make up. Make sure your moisturizer has been properly absorbed before applying your sunscreen or the sunscreen could “pill” and start rolling off your skin. Apply a generous layer of sunscreen and don’t forget your neck, chest, and the tops of your ears.

Bottom Line

So, in the case of skin care products, order does matter. Just remember – thinnest first, then thickest, sunscreen last – and you’ll always apply your skin care products in the correct order.

4 steps for beautiful skin with Living Pure Natural

Wash your face with our Charcoal soap.

Spray Hera Hydrating Rosewater Spray to refresh your skin.

Apply OLEUM Antiaging + Intensive Repair Serum, to provide an excellent moisture packed shield and increase natural elasticity.

And then use NEA Intense Hydration Face Cream that nourishes and hydrates the skin throughout the day.




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