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Living Pure Natural science and nature

Science + Nature = ?

As a scientist I am always excited to learn how science and nature can complement each other to yield ingenious, new products. That is why, when I was invited to sample some of Living Pure Natural’s products, I leapt at the chance!

Using natural products in medicine and skincare is nothing new, indeed, there have even been studies suggesting that ingesting turmeric may prevent certain types of cancer (though please always follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to self-medication)(1,2).

So, though the fundamental idea of natural skincare is an old one, the innovative ways in which products are now being formulated is where the magic really happens. I was intrigued to see whether Living Pure Natural’s products really delivered, and I was not disappointed.

I sampled three products that were recommended for my skin type, I have often had trouble with hydrating products exacerbating the oiliness of my skin, and I’ll be honest, I was sceptical about these too!

The three products recommended to me for my morning facial skincare routine were:

Step 1: Charcoal Soap

I always believed that using an exfoliating scrub was the best way to bring impurities out of my skin. Regardless of getting fairly poor results I continued, hoping that a miracle would finally happen! What I wish I’d known earlier is that the scrubs I was using were too harsh for my skin, and were likely the cause of my continued breakouts. Time to try something new – charcoal. There has been evidence to show that charcoal has deep cleaning and adsorbent properties, which make it a useful ingredient for cleansing impurities and dirt from the skin. Furthermore, charcoal has been demonstrated to maintain the skin’s pH, and moisture levels (3). Upon using this face wash, I was surprised how even after using it only once, my skin felt softer, cleaner, and hydrated. This is at odds with products I have used in the past which have tended to dry and irritate my skin. We now know it is vital to be gentle with the products and methods we employ during our skincare routine, and Living Pure Natural Charcoal Soap delivers results while ensuring a gentle feel (3).

Step 2: ETERNAL Oil Collection – Face

I was advised to follow the Charcoal Soap face wash with the ETERNAL oil. Oils are something I have always avoided, due to fear of an overly oily appearance on my skin, but I was reassured that this product was different, so I gave it a try. The first thing I noticed was the amount of dirt on the cotton pad I used for application – I was horrified! But the combination of the Charcoal Soap bringing all of those impurities to the surface, then the gentle exfoliation with the ETERNAL Oil brought pollutants out of my skin, leaving it smooth and clear. Its hydrating qualities were also a pleasant surprise. It was intensely hydrating without leaving any residue on the surface of my skin. Having Aloe Vera as one of its main ingredients demonstrates its hydrating and protecting properties. A study comparing the hydrating properties of herbal moisturisers showed that Aloe vera came out on top!. Research has also proved that Aloe vera can protect the skin from sun damage, enhancing ETERNAL Oil’s protective properties (4,5). The barrier that this Oil creates protects the skin from pollution, keeping it fresh throughout the day.

Step 3: NEA Intense Hydration Face Cream

Hydration is key! And while I endeavour to drink the recommended amount of water, I’ll take any help I can get (6). Previous experience of using moisturisers that purport to being intensely hydrating has left me disappointed, with heavy-feeling and oily skin. Could NEA Intense Hydration Face Cream be the answer I have been searching for? I applied the recommended (fairly minimal) amount, and was relieved and delighted to see that my skin was deeply moisturised without leaving an oily appearance, or any sense of heaviness on my face. Its all-natural ingredients list boasts jojoba oil and argan oil, to name only a couple. Jojoba oil is intensely nourishing, with antibacterial and protective properties which help seal moisture in to the skin, and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering (7). Argan oil has been shown to have anti-aging effects, by boosting hydration of the skin, therefore preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also provide protection from sun damage, its antioxidant properties mean that argan oil can reduce hyperpigmentation and sun burns (8). The perfectly balanced ingredients in the NEA Face Cream result in a thoroughly moisturising and protective product, which feels great on the skin.

Moisturize and protect

It was also recommended that I applied sun cream as a final step, and though the importance of UV protection can’t be stressed enough, I won’t mention this further as I don’t want to endorse/discourage the use of any particular brand.

I was most impressed by the intense hydration these products gave to my skin, without any feeling of heaviness or oiliness. In the past, products I have used to combat oil have just left my skin incredibly dry, and often irritated – I experienced none of this with Living Pure Natural’s products. Their skin care left my skin feeling cleaner and fresher than any synthetic products have in the past – clearly, harnessing what nature has to offer yields results.

It is also worth noting that we can only continue to use nature’s produce if we protect it. By exclusively using products sourced from synthetic fertilizer-free, and pesticide-free growers, Living Pure Natural are taking care the environment, and creating sustainable harvesting practices which will continue to protect the land on which their products grow.

More and more, we are realising how important sustainability is, but it is not a viable solution if the products made are ineffective. From my experience, I can fully endorse Living Pure Natural. Their ethos of marrying science with nature, complemented by the effectiveness of their products, and the sustainable practices used to harvest their ingredients have created a brand for our times.

And if this doesn’t convince you, read the reviews – I’m not the only one who has been won over!


Kathryn Spiers-Pritchard BSc (soon to be MSc)

Living Pure Natural lady customer







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