Living Pure Natural. The Wonder of… Words

Living Pure Natural Wonder of words

The Wonder of… Words

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
Romeo and Juliet: William Shakespeare


Language is one of the main things which makes us human beings remarkable. There are 171,476 words in the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary giving us a rich canvas indeed from which to paint a picture of our world.

Where possible, this way we ensure our range remains truly 100% naturally derived. Using different combinations of letters, sounds or shapes we can communicate ideas, emotions, intentions and questions with people we know and people we don’t yet know. One of the big challenges of communicating with those we do not yet know is that words take on particular associations for some people and not for others, this can make accurately conveying meaning a bit of a challenge.

Let’s take a simple illustration. Suppose I say to you “I really love a comfortable bed”. For me that might mean a soft mattress with lots of pillows. For you “a comfortable bed” might mean a firm mattress with a single pillow. Already our respective ideas of “comfortable” are creating different pictures. For me the comfortable bed may need crisp flat cotton sheets and a fluffy blanket while you may prefer brushed cotton sheets and a feather quilt…. now the two beds we have in mind are looking very different indeed.

Here at Living Pure Natural we are discovering as we work with people around the world that “natural” is a word that takes on different associations in different countries so we wanted to describe what we mean when we say natural.

Coming from the Latin naturalis, the word ‘natural’ strictly defined according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary means “being in accordance with or determined by nature” and “existing in or produced by nature”.

Here’s an example. Our bodies make hyaluronic acid and it is found in all our tissues and cells helping to keep cells hydrated and repair our skin. As we get older, sadly, our capacity to produce it goes down. Fortunately this powerful compound is also found in food such as some root vegetables or citrus fruits and it can be added to skincare products.

We only use ingredients in our products which are found in nature. Some of the ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, can be created in specialist laboratories rather than squeezing endless oranges. Making ingredients this way helps with quality control and ensures a steady supply.

So when we say Living Pure Natural, we are talking about harnessing the gifts and power of nature to create wonderful skincare which is kind to people and planet. True we also harness the insights and capabilities of science to do this to the best of our ability, but we stay away from artificial ingredients.


Jackie Le Fèvre

Values specialist, UK lead for Minessence Values Framework  (Magma Effect)