Living Pure Natural – Dry Skin Routine

Dry skin routine Living Pure Natural

Do you have dry skin?

Follow this routine and make a huge difference to how healthy, glowing and beautiful your skin can look!

Living Pure Natural Charcoal Olive Oil Soap

Step One
Charcoal SoapLiving Pure Natural Flowers Face Scrub with lavender and olive oil

Our splendid charcoal soap cleanses deep into the skin to remove impurities and makeup to leave your skin hydrated, supple and clean.

Step Two
This gentle face scrub made with natural flower buds, reaches deep into the skin to remove dead skin and blackheads. Its natural formula helps to clear spots, prevent fine lines and balance the skin‘s PH and sebum production. (Do not use on inflamed skin or in the first trimester of pregnancy)

Living Pure Natural OLEUM Face SerumStep Three
Our Oleum Serum reaches deep into the skin to remove dead skin cells and black heads. This vitamin enriched product works over night to aid natural rejuvenation of the skin. A natural astringent that balances oil production in the skin, whilst promoting collagen production and protecting from premature aging. It can be used in place of EternLiving Pure Natural TIMELESS Deep Hydration Night Creamal Oil Collection for Face as your day time oil for overly dry or aged skin.

Step Four
A wonderful pot of night time moisturiser repairs and rejuvenates your skin down to the dermal layer. Boosting circulation it renews damaged skin and boosts collagen, slowing down the aging process and reducing wrinkles.