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Summer’s not cancelled! Living Pure Natural is here for you!

vacation in the sea with books living pure natural

No Vacation? No Problem! All those travel restrictions can be plan-wreckers for the well-deserved time off you were so eagerly waiting for. That’s no reason to miss out on the opportunity to reset and feel renewed though! Allow your senses to transport you to your favourite destination. An advanced range of beauty products designed to […]

How Long Do Skin and Beauty Products Take to Work?

skin and beauty

It’s summer, and you have a wedding to attend in two weeks. After standing under your vanity lights, you notice your skin needs some attention. Maybe you have dark circles that just aren’t responding to concealer. Or perhaps you have some sunspots that could stand some fading. You are about to order some products online […]

6 Skincare Tips for People With Fair Skin

fair skin

It is estimated that 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. This is an especially big concern for people with fair skin. The lighter your skin is, the less protection it has from the sun. This is why it’s important for fair-skinned people to develop a rigorous skincare routine. This article will teach you […]

Natural Skincare is Here to Stay – Welcome to the Revolution

Living Pure Natural science and nature

Science + Nature = ? As a scientist I am always excited to learn how science and nature can complement each other to yield ingenious, new products. That is why, when I was invited to sample some of Living Pure Natural’s products, I leapt at the chance! Using natural products in medicine and skincare is […]

5 Amazing Benefits of All Natural Anti-Aging Face Serum for Your Skin

Living Pure Natural face serum benefits

It only takes about a tenth of a second to make a first impression. All based on a look! Think about it, taking care of your face is extremely important. Even if you’re a clean-eating, health guru you are still exposed to environmental toxins and UV rays on a daily basis. What does this mean? Our […]

Natural Beauty Care: 5 Amazing Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care Products

natural beauty care

Natural Beauty Care: 5 Amazing Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care Products If you’re all about the skincare products then you might be looking for more organic and natural resources to use in your daily routine. Some products contain ingredients that are too harmful to your skin. They aren’t conducive to helping it keep its natural glow over […]

Living Pure Natural. The Wonder of… Words

Living Pure Natural Wonder of words

The Wonder of… Words “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Romeo and Juliet: William Shakespeare   Language is one of the main things which makes us human beings remarkable. There are 171,476 words in the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary giving us a rich canvas indeed from which to […]

Living Pure Natural Enters Australian Market

Living Pure Natural Expands to Australia

CHESHIRE COSMETIC COMPANY ENTERS AUSTRALIAN MARKET Living Pure Natural secures export contract with Australian distributor Earth & Pure Contract sees Nantwich business export Down Under for the first time Luxury natural skincare brand set to target further export growth with support of Department for International Trade. A North West cosmetics company has secured its first […]