9 Ways Cinnamon Can Benefit Your Skin

Few aromas are quite as sweet, or as seductive, as that of cinnamon… What are the benefits though and how can we use it?

1. Plumps Skin
Cinnamon is said to improve fine lines by plumping the skin. This means that using cinnamon can stimulate blood vessels and bring blood to the surface of the skin. The skin plumps out and fine lines become less visible. This can even be done to plump up lips and can be used as an alternate to lip gloss.
2. Cleanses the Scalp
Cinnamon can also be used to nourish the scalp. Make a paste using 1 tsp ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp warm olive oil and 1 tbsp honey. Massage this into the scalp and leave on for 15 minutes.
Wash off after this using a normal shampoo. Cinnamon acts like an exfoliating agent to stimulate the scalp and provide nourishment to hair follicles.
3. Treatment for Eczema
Eczema is a condition in which skin gets inflamed and irritated.
4. Treatment for Acne
Cinnamon is said to help with treatment of acne and pimples.
5. Antiseptic
Cinnamon has antiseptic properties. A large number of studies have determined the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of cinnamon.
6. Reduce signs of aging
Cinnamon used on the skin seems to increase collagen levels for up to six hours after it is applied. Breakdown of collagen causes the skin to lose elasticity and increases signs of aging.
7. To soften and soothe dry and dead skin
Cinnamon extracts and powder act as very good exfoliants an can be used to remove dead skin cells. This helps to restore the shine and suppleness of skin. Cinnamon can be used in combination with sea salt, almond oil, honey and olive oil.
To soften rough skin, we can take advantage of the anti-oxidant properties of cinnamon. In a study carried out in 1998, the anti-oxidant properties of Cinnamon extracts were evaluated. It was was observed that Cinnamon extracts have highly potent anti-oxidant properties.
8. To improve complexion
Another major benefit of using Cinnamon is that it helps to enhance skin complexion. This is due to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of cinnamon. But I have to add, this is not scientifically established.
9. As a massage Oil
Cinnamon oil improves blood circulation. By using this essential oil for massages, the nutrients in the skin increases and this improves the tone of the skin. Cinnamon oil made from the leaves must only be used on the skin. Oil made using cinnamon bark usually causes allergic reactions.



Source : www.thesuperfoods.net